Frequently Asked Questions

What is franchising?

Franchising is about being in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Franchising is where the Franchisor licences the Franchisee the right to distribute and market a product or service and use their business name and / or trademarks for a fixed period, in return for a fee and a share in the income generated.

Under the Home Caring franchise system, the Franchisee has the opportunity to conduct a business using the Home Caring brand names, systems and products.

What is a franchise?

According to the Franchising Code of Conduct, a business is deemed to be a franchise where:

  • There is a written, oral or implied agreement;
  • One party (the Franchisee) is granted the right to carry on a business of offering, supplying or distributing goods or services under a system or marketing plan, which is substantially determined, controlled or suggested by the other party (the franchisor);
  • The operation of the business will be substantially or materially associated with the franchisor’s trademark, advertising or commercial symbol; and
  • Before starting or continuing the business, the Franchisee must pay or agree to pay the franchisor an amount, whether an initial fee, ongoing royalty or other payment.

Why should I choose a franchise instead of starting my own business?

Starting a new business can be risky. By purchasing a franchise, you can reduce the risk to some extent as you are buying a business with an established, successful business system and brand. In addition, you receive comprehensive initial training and ongoing support, advice and training.

How do I go about becoming a Home Caring Franchisee?

You have already started the journey. This is not necessarily a quick process, as both parties need to be sure that the right decisions are made. Simply contact us by completing the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.Also see Stages of Entry on this web site.

Am I required to work in the business?

In most cases this would be the be the best option. However in some cases an investor may be working with another party whose role is to manage the franchise, especially if that person has a depth of experience in the sector.

We believe that the best head-start you or your manager can give your business is to commit yourself to it so as you can fully understand every aspect of the operation.

What do I receive for my Initial Fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee is your payment for the grant by us of the right to use the valuable intellectual property, which includes the brand names, operational systems, existing business relationships and the Home Caring business opportunity.

As a Home Caring Franchisee, you will receive a comprehensive Training Program on all aspects of your Home Caring business, customer service techniques including finding and retaining client, and hands-on training in the management of the business day to day.

Whilst this training is happening, you will also receive an Initial Marketing Program designed to assist you to establish your Home Caring Location.

What happens at the end of the first franchise term?

Provided that you have complied with our policies and procedures during the initial term and notify us of your wish to renew within the required time, you will be able to renew your franchise for a further two terms.

You should be aware there are a number of requirements set out in the Franchise Agreement that need to be met before your franchise can be renewed and you will have to pay the legal costs of arranging the renewal. You also have to sign a new Franchise Agreement which may contain new or altered conditions. If you have proven to be a successful Franchisee, it is in our interests to have you renew. Full details of how this works is included in the Disclosure Document.

Whilst this training is happening, you will also receive an Initial Marketing Program designed to assist you to establish your Home Caring Location.

What Territories are available and how are they defined

You will be given the opportunity to lock in a particular territory providing it is still available. The lock in procedure will be discussed in more detail in the interview stages.

Initially we are focussing on locations in Sydney but would also entertain applications for regional locations in New South Wales or in other capital cities.

We have used a specialist Geodemographic company to assist us in the establishment of Marketing Territories, based on the numbers of people that will need care in the home.

Will I have an exclusive Location?

Your chosen location will be based on the potential target market of potential clients requiring care. It will be an exclusive marketing territory and the franchisor will not open a competing outlet or franchise another outlet within that territory.

When I open for business, will I be left on my own?

No. When you join Home Caring we will be your partner and help you become comfortable with the way you operate your business. Whilst you are a part of the Home Caring network support is just a phone call away.

Will I have an opportunity to contribute to the franchise network?

Yes. Our franchise system has been designed to provide all Franchisees with an opportunity to contribute ideas and feedback and help improve the way the business operates for all franchisees. We have developed a sharing, caring culture in the organisation.

Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

Yes, the franchise is yours to sell under certain conditions, to someone who meets with our approval just as you did, and then continues on with the franchise.

This is a very important issue which differentiates owning a franchised business from just holding down a job. The more profitable your business is the greater is its sale value.

When you leave a job, the value you have created stays with the company, as a Franchisee, it stays with you.

How much will it cost?

The initial investment in your Home Caring franchise depends on the premises you operate from and whether you lease or buy it. Full cost details will be provided after we receive your Expression of Interest.

Is there any ongoing Franchise Service Fees?

There is an ongoing Franchise Service Fee or Royalty based on a % of sales revenue which covers:

  • Use of our Home Caring Branding
  • Training and monitoring
  • Manual updates
  • Access to the Home Caring range of services
  • Assistance in making your business more effective and profitable
  • Ongoing advice and support

What is the Marketing Contribution?

There is no ongoing Marketing Contribution. The Franchisor organises marketing and advertising for the total brand nationwide, including the web site and national advertising activities, which benefits all franchisees.

You will need to support this national activity with your own local promotional activity. This involves networking in your own community and making connections with people in your marketing area that can provide referrals for people needing care at home.

Would a Home Caring Franchise suit me and what qualifications do I need?

You don’t need any formal qualifications as you will be trained in all aspects of the business. Our Franchise would best suit those who like meeting people, building a business, achieving goals, retaining clients, leading a team and most importantly creating a profitable business.

The quality of our franchisees and support team is critical to us. Prospects looking at our business opportunity will need to share the core values and culture of our business and embrace our vision and mission in their daily business.

It is vital that we bring in people who “fit” our culture and bring with them the proper “attitudes” and “attributes” to be successful in our business.

How do we do this? We use a psychometric assessment to determine a prospect’s compatibility and performance within our franchise system. The assessment tool integrates several behavioural dimensions into one comprehensive psychometric assessment. This combination of information gives us a much greater ability to accurately predict behaviour and business success, up to 90-95% accuracy can be achieved it we start with the right information. This will be one way to ensure that you will be investing in the right opportunity, where you are most likely to be successful.

Why should I become a Home Caring Franchisee?

Home Caring has been successfully operating for several years and continues to grow at a healthy rate. The in-home care and support sectors are growing rapidly, particularly for the ageing, those with dementia and people of all ages who need disability support.

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