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  • ndis provider franchise What is the 50/50 HomeCaring Partnership ?
  • The 50/50 HomeCaring Partnership is very unique. We offer a low investment entry, an annual salary paid to the franchisee and 50% share of the profit. This is truly a business model like no other!

  • ndis provider franchise What does it cost to partner with HomeCaring?
  • As a broad guide, the investment for your 50% shareholding is $100,000, although we do have an exclusive offer for registered nurses to join from as low as $25,000. Of course, the benefits will vary according to the amount you are able to invest. The total amount paid by each partner provides all the funds required to cover the costs of establishing the business, paying relevant entry fees and the operating expenses for the first year, while maintaining a positive bank balance.

  • ndis provider franchise Do I receive training?
  • As a HomeCaring Franchisee, you will receive a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of your HomeCaring business. This includes customer service techniques focussing on finding and retaining clients, and hands-on training in the management of the business day to day.

  • ndis provider franchise Do I earn a salary as part of the partnership?
  • Yes, a generous salary package is paid for the life of the franchise to suitably qualified candidates.

  • ndis provider franchise How much profit do I make?
  • Every franchise partner is different; it is very difficult to advise you on your profitability. However, we are very transparent and do provide a financial template and existing franchisee results so that you will have a better understanding of how your income and profits are generated. The biggest variation in your earnings potential will depend on a range of factors – including the time and effort you put into your business. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

  • ndis provider franchise What support do I get being a franchise partner?
  • We provide our highly developed intellectual property, including an extensive range of aged care and NDIS compliant policies, procedures, manuals and associated resources. These will ensure that our franchise partners are guided and supported by compliant governance procedures to immediately enable them to service government funded consumers who receive Home Care Packages (HCP), and National Disabilities Scheme (NDIS) funding. Our Head Office Operations Team provide our franchise partners with ongoing support through monthly meetings, ongoing training and assistance when required.

  • ndis provider franchise Do I get an exclusive marketing area?
  • Your chosen location will be an exclusive marketing area; the franchisor will not open a competing outlet or franchise another outlet within that marketing area. We have used a specialist geodemographic company to assist us in the establishment of marketing areas, based on the numbers of people that need care in the home, the number of people receiving government payments and languages other than English spoken in the homes.

  • ndis provider franchise Do I need to be from the healthcare industry to own a franchise?
  • We are targeting people with experience in the health sector and especially those who understand the Aged Care and NDIS sectors.

    Our most successful franchisees have come from the health sector. Registered nurses, employees of home care service providers, allied health professionals have all made their mark.

    We look for applicants who like meeting people, building a business, achieving goals, retaining clients, leading a team and most importantly creating a profitable business.

    The quality of our franchisees and support team is critical to us. Prospects looking at our business opportunity will need to share the core values and culture of our business and embrace our vision and mission in their daily business.

    It is vital that we bring in people who “fit” our culture and bring with them the proper “attitudes” and “attributes” to be successful in our business.

  • ndis provider franchise How long does the process take to become a franchise partner?
  • This depends on several factors, particularly how quickly you would like to start. The normal time frame from initial enquiry to opening your new business is 2-3 months. We want to ensure that you have enough time to absorb the information we provide and do your necessary due diligence. We also want to make sure that you have met our management team and are comfortable in our environment, before making your final decision to join us. This process can be accelerated if you are keen to get started right away. Talk to us to learn how.

  • ndis provider franchise Can I own more than one territory?
  • Yes, Of course you can! However, we want to ensure that you establish a solid business in your first location, before you spread your wings. We already have 3 partner franchisees that have opened another marketing area in their second year of operation.

  • ndis provider franchise Do you offer aged care and NDIS business opportunities?
  • If you are looking to start an aged care or NDIS business, we can help you take key steps closer to your dream. We offer suitable candidates an opportunity to enter a 50/50 franchise partnership and grow a small business providing much-needed care to seniors and people living with a disability. For more information, please get in touch.

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