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Could you be a nurse entrepreneur?

Nursing is a highly valuable profession in Australian communities, but it’s also one of the most stressful, bearing the brunt of an overwhelmed healthcare system.

For many stressed out healthcare professionals, the solution is a career change. A new report commissioned by the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, surveying more than 2,300 nurses across the state, found more than half were planning to resign—mostly due to experiencing burnout, post-traumatic stress from their role, and unmanageable workloads.

Furthermore, when 1,879 nurses were asked if they intended to leave their current position in the next five years, the report says that 58 per cent said ‘yes’. Leaving nursing for a career change is increasingly becoming a way to achieve less stress and a better work-life balance.

New career opportunities in home care

One of the most common career changes for nurses is running a home care business in the community. There’s plenty of good reasons for this. Providing personalised care in the community means nurses can continue using their training and doing what they love, but enjoy better conditions—more convenient hours, less stress, being your own boss, and learning new management and team leadership skills.

Providing home care is also a great way to impact lives for the better. Caring for people in their own home—especially those who are elderly, or living with a disability—is shown to have better outcomes compared to moving to a residential facility. It promotes social integration, leads to better mental health outcomes, helps maintain family relationships, and reduces the burden on an already strained hospital system.

As an Australian-owned home care business, Home Caring has senior care and disability care businesses at over 70 locations around the country—many of them run by registered nurses and health care professionals who are enjoying success doing what they love.

As nurses in business for themselves, they’ve experienced many benefits of providing care in the community—on their own terms. Here are just four ways that running a home care business can benefit your life.

Enjoy a better work/life balance.

Running your own home care business comes with the advantage of flexibility. You get to decide when you work, tailoring your schedule to fit your personal life better. This means you can be there for your family, take better care of your mental health, or simply enjoy more leisure time without being tied down to shift work. You can strike a healthier balance between your professional and personal life, reducing the stress that often comes with fixed work schedules.

Use your healthcare skills to make a difference.

Now more than ever, seniors and people with disability need access to quality healthcare and support in their own home. Running an NDIS business, or a senior health care business, means you can keep using your nursing skills to help those who are vulnerable. You’ll be offering quality care to people who genuinely need it, contributing positively to their wellbeing, and putting less strain on the hospital system. It’s a great way to enjoy a meaningful career that has a positive impact.

Build financial success for you, and your family

Nurse-owned businesses can give entrepreneurial healthcare workers an opportunity to increase their income—more so than relying on shift work. By working for yourself, you’ll be rewarded for the effort you put in, and steer a path towards financial success. Home care is also a relatively stable industry, as it provides much-needed services that are heavily funded by the Federal Government. As the need for care increases with an ageing population, so do the opportunities for nurses to provide personalised care.

Live local while helping your community.

One of the advantages of a home nurse business is that it allows you to work locally. Drawing on existing connections to your community, you can build a client base in your area, and provide support to those around you. Reducing your commute time can lead to a less stressful, more satisfying professional life, while giving you a chance to give back to your local community.

Are you interested in starting your own home care business?

Home Caring provides high quality, person-centred home care to seniors and people living with disability. We pride ourselves on caring for our clients with passion, respect, empathy and accountability.

We offer highly motivated franchisees an opportunity to build a successful aged care and NDIS business, while giving back to their local and cultural communities. One of the most rewarding parts of this opportunity is making a genuine difference in people’s lives. This is our passion, and we hope you’ll join us on the journey. We’ll provide plenty of support along the way, from training and management tools, to help getting approvals to provide government-funded services.

Our franchise network is selling fast! To find out more about starting your own nurse business, contact us today for our current available locations.