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Who Are We?

Home Caring is an organisation dedicated to providing professional and reliable care and support services to people with a disability and those aged over 65 in their homes.

We  believe that by putting the client at the centre of our care, we are well placed to provide quality services that our clients can rely on. Since 2015 we have evolved to include a range of programs including NDIS, Home Care Packages and brokerage services.

We also provide specialist dementia care support under our brand, Dementia Caring Australia.

Innovative Care

Jon Kontopos founded Home Caring to address gaps in the home caring industry and was inspired to adopt an evidence-based approach to systems and processes within home care.

He is committed to innovation at all points of contact, whether that is through direct service delivery or through systems that facilitate our ability to provide excellent customer service to our clients.

A Wealth of Experience

Michaela Brown, Home Caring Group Operations Manager, has 10 years experience working in Aged and Disability Care across all aspects: In-home care, Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages and Group Homes. Michaela has worked in key management positions across various organisations and leads the team to comply and adapt to industry changes in Consumer Directed Care and NDIS services. She has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and Dementia Care and has a passion for working with the elderly, particularly people with dementia. Michaela applies this passion and experience to up skill staff to deliver quality care and services to those who need it.


Jon Kontopos – Home Caring Founder

Our Values and Culture

Home Caring places a strong emphasis on its values and culture.


Care delivery is client focused, keeping the client at the centre of all that we do. We listen and respond to our clients.


We continuously improve our services and value best practice.


We are committed to working together to find better solutions that best meet our client’s requirements.


We aim to surpass our client’s expectations through exceptional care and customer service.

Franchisee Benefits

When franchising with us, we share a common interest in the success of your business

Home Caring is offering a unique opportunity in the in-home care and support franchise sector. This sector is growing rapidly, particularly for the ageing, those with dementia and people of all ages who need disability support.

The franchisor is offering a joint venture franchise opportunity to selected applicants on a 50/50 basis which will:

    • Reduce your initial investment by 50% making it much more affordable
    • Provide assistance for you to acquire the appropriate licences
    • Pay a salary to the franchisee from day one
    • Enjoy a share of profits
    • Provide maximum support, with the franchisor being a partner in your business
    • Excellent opportunity for above average return on investment

Full details will be provided during the recruitment process, including a comprehensive financial planning tool, where you will be able to see the potential of the business.


Are You The One

The most important variable in the level of success you will achieve is in fact you!

Franchisees are people and no two people are the same. We can provide you with our proven system, brand names, business tools and necessary support but your reward is ultimately determined by your diligence and your commitment to your business.

The key aspects we are seeking in our prospective franchisees are:

    • Leadership and people skills
    • Community engagement
    • Highly motivated
    • Driven to succeed
  • Ability to follow systems and processes

Home Caring is open to applicants from a range of backgrounds, whether you have experience in the industry or are completely new – we provide the training and support necessary to guide you through your journey.

Many people from the aged care and disability sectors may be looking to set up on their own, but don’t have sufficient capital. Others may be looking to change their direction in life to control their own future.

To grow your business, being a member of local community groups such as churches, schools and service clubs will be beneficial.

However, of greater importance to us is that of “compatibility”, the sharing of our values and culture. We need our franchisees to be a good “fit” for our business. Our current method ensures that this match occurs.

This is more likely to encourage the support of your family/partner, significantly reduce your investment risk and will provide you with increased self-awareness from the results of our process.

The Home Caring joint venture franchise may be just the answer!

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