Life as a Franchisee

When working in the care industry, no two days are the same

Attracting and retaining clients

As a Franchisee, your core business is attracting and retaining your clients. Your focus on day to day work will always revolve around your client satisfaction and what makes you attractive to potential customers.

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Ensuring that you have a good team to deliver your care services will make a key point of difference when retaining clients and ensuring customer satisfaction. At Home Caring, we place great importance on our care workers and are sure to train them appropriately and offer a package that attracts them to work with us and stay with us. By following our recruitment processes, you will be able to employ care workers who understand and apply our core values and culture in their working lives.

Once your business starts to grow, you will begin to recruit for other positions, including case managers and rostering staff as well as continuing to employ care workers. As your team grows, it is important that you lead your team in a positive way, ensuring that Home Caring values and culture is maintained through your team.

You (or your service manager) will be involved in all aspects of service delivery, from initial enquiries to assessment and care plan development and deployment. You will take enquiries from various channels, including referrers and the clients themselves, from phone calls to emails and everything in between – you will need to be open and available for any contact that might come your way. You will work with the client to develop a package that relates to their care needs and wishes.

Both the Disability and Aged Care industries have standards that you, as a service provider must comply with. It is your responsibility to ensure that your team is implementing the Home Caring processes to ensure compliance against both industry standards and company guidelines. You will be responsible for ensuring that everyone from your care workers to case managers are working within these guidelines. You may gain this information through customer feedback, employee feedback or audits.

To attract new customers, you will need to network and engage with your local area. You should have a regular focus on this, ensuring that people remember you as a business of choice in providing care services. Opportunities you may consider when networking include community meetings, meeting with local businesses and finding opportunities for local marketing activities.

As with any business, you will need to have developed an understanding of your expenses and overall budget. This will help to guide your decisions when taking on new customers and opportunities. Home Caring will provide support with managing and understanding your finances. You will already have developed a financial model in your enquiries stage in to the group, now is the time to apply it!