Stages of Entry

The steps to becoming a Franchisee

If what you have seen interests you, please get in touch for an initial discussion. There is no obligation at all, but we do need a few details to be able to understand a little more about you, the location that interests you and what is motivating you to get in touch with us.

We will forward a Confidentiality Agreement for your signature, so that we can begin to share with you the necessary information to help you make the right decision regarding this opportunity. We will also ask you to complete an Expression of Interest, with information about your situation.

Once we have received the completed forms, we will contact you to arrange an initial meeting. This could be face-to-face, but in view of recent restrictions, we will most likely arrange a Zoom call.


The first meeting will discuss your application in more depth and provide you with an informal, yet comprehensive introduction into the business opportunity. It is really a “get to know you” session where both parties will form further opinions as to the overall suitability of the application.

You should make your decision from a commercial point of view. At this meeting we will discuss the financial aspects of the partnership franchise and go through a Financial Model template. You will be sent a copy of this template so that you can work out whether the opportunity will provide you a sufficient income stream, a reasonable return on your investment and build a business that will grow in value over the years. This will also be a valuable tool to share with the advisors you are recommended to consult prior to investing in the opportunity.


We believe it is very important that you and the business are a good match, particularly that you share the same culture and values.

We will provide you with the contact details of existing franchisees, so that you can find out about their experience in starting a franchise and how the business has progressed.

We will also be organising meetings with senior management of Home Caring so that each party can make the appropriate decision about your application.


If the decision is made to proceed, we will provide a formal proposal for the partnership franchise and you will be provided with the legal documentation including Disclosure Document, draft Franchisee Agreement and Shareholders Agreement, with a copy of the Franchising Code of Conduct. This will enable you to examine the documentation in detail and get advice from lawyers, accountants and/or business advisors who are experienced in franchising.


A further discussion will be arranged to go through the results of your due diligence, your final Financial Plan and any issues arising from the legal documentation. Any issues arising should be resolved by the end of this meeting or very soon after. The Franchisor  will then request that you complete the formal Application Form for the partnership franchise.


The next stage is for you to make an informed decision.

If you wish to proceed the Franchisor will instruct their lawyer to prepare and send out the Franchisee Agreement and Shareholders Agreement in their final form to you, together with a Prior Representations Deed for your completion and signing prior to jointly signing the completed Franchise Agreement. You will also be required to sign various documents to ensure that you become a Director of the new partnership franchise and that the shares are transferred to you.

The Code of Conduct states that you cannot enter into an Agreement until at least fourteen (14) days have elapsed from receiving the final documentation. This time will allow you to review the above documentation with your advisors, begin arranging finance and follow up any other questions you may have about the business.


The final step will be the formal signing of the documentation, including the Representations CertificateFranchisee Agreement, Shareholders Agreement and relevant company documents.

At this point you will pay the Initial investment amount into the bank account created for the new partnership franchise company. 

There is a mandatory seven (7) day cooling off period from the date of signing the Franchise Agreement.

Any payments made to the Franchisor are fully refundable if you withdraw from the Franchisee Agreement during this seven (7) day cooling off period, with the exception of the amount specified in the Franchisee Agreement for reasonable costs incurred by the Franchisor.


Training and commencement dates will then be agreed upon. The Franchisor will finalise the opening timetable for training. Once you have completed your initial training you will be able to start your new business.

Please note it can take two to three months from your initial enquiry to get to the commencement stage. The time taken is critical to ensure that both parties are committed to the process and have both undertaken the necessary due diligence to ensure the decision to invest in the partnership franchise is a sensible one.

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